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Become a BPET School

Our vision is to provide a broad educational offer to our pupils delivering the very best educational practices from the independent and the state sectors. As an outcome, we aim for all BPET pupils to develop as all-rounders, confident and independent.

As a family of schools, we have grown to be 11 primary schools across London and Berkshire. All schools are judged as Good by Ofsted, with 36% of our schools graded as Outstanding (compared to 16% nationally). 榴莲视频下载app proud that our model of education provision is having a positive effect on the pupils and the communities we serve.

榴莲视频下载app an aspirational organisation and are keen to expand to 24 schools over the next few year. We want to develop geographic clusters of schools, creating hubs who are able to respond to the needs of their specific communities.

Therefore, we highly value the educational autonomy which each school enjoys, and we believe that leaders, teachers and staff should enjoy a sense of independence as much as the feeling of being part of a supportive multi-academy trust. All our schools work to embed their chosen values in their curriculum, alongside the overarching BPET’s vision that every child should Learn, Enjoy, Succeed. You can read more about our educational approach as outlined by our Director of Education in this interview: How far is too far?

Our core focus is training and supporting the best teachers in their role, with a comprehensive CPD and Collaboration offer, with an annual BPET Conference to share best practice.

To drive this model, the BPET Central Team offers a range of support programmes, efficiencies and challenge for schools. This is funded through a 5% management charge. For this, schools receive the following support:

If you are interested to have a conversation with our Chief Executive about your school joining BPET, request a call via Claire Kevin at info@bpet.co.uk.

I am proud to be part of BPET, a forward thinking and ambitious trust. The uniqueness of every school within BPET is celebrated and encouraged. For me, the commitment to educational autonomy for each school is key: we can develop a curriculum that meets the needs of our school community and do so with the full support of the trust’s Central Team.

BPET staff are empowered as professionals to follow their passions, develop their skills and challenge themselves. I have been offered a wealth of high quality CPD and, as BPET has grown, there have been numerous opportunities to get involved across the trust. The talent pool across BPET is very strong, staff at all levels have a network of colleagues to share practice and shape the vision of education for our pupils. I feel like each member of staff is seen, known and valued as an individual. I truly feel like I work as part of a big family!

Michelle Robertson – Headteacher, Braywick Court School