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Central Team

榴莲视频下载app Place Education Trust (BPET) schools are supported by a core team which helps the schools deliver our vision. The central team:

  • Reinforces the educational vision and purpose of the family of schools
  • Supports the creation of networks to encourage the sharing of knowledge, good practice and resources, as well as career development opportunities
  • Holds schools accountable and helps them improve their performance through regular monitoring visits and data analysis
  • Provides educational and operational support services to the schools.

The central team responds to the Board of Trustees.

Staff Declaration of Interests

All senior BPET staff have completed a Declaration of Interest Form for 2023-24, in order to ensure openness and transparency within the organisation.

Central Team (ID 1070)

  • Mark Greatrex
    Chief Executive
  • Marwa Sadek
    Director of Finance
  • Laura Gregory
    Director of Education (on sabbatical)
  • Alison Colenso
    Interim Director of Education
  • Maxine Mallett
    Executive Headteacher
  • Jane Aust
    Operations Manager
  • Flavia Cerrone
    Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Claire Kevin
    Executive Assistant
  • Leaana Hill
    Head of People
  • Tom Walton
    Finance Consultant (part time)
  • Aseel Ahmed
    Financial Accountant
  • José Otero
    Finance Assistant (Apprentice)
  • Clair Inouye
    Finance and Operations Support Coordinator
  • Ore Ayoade
    Digital Marketing Assistant (Apprentice)
  • Tahmima Khatoon
    Business Admin Assistant (Apprentice)