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At BPET we encourage competitions amongst all our schools – as well as with other schools outside our trust – because we believe that friendly and supportive competitions:

  • create a practical purpose to children’s learning and contextualise it
  • offer a friendly environment where children can learn how to win and lose respectfully
  • help building confidence
  • teach children how to work within teams
  • improve children’s social skills
  • test children against their peers and stimulates self-improvement
  • provide exciting memorable out-of-school experiences, through visiting other schools. For Berkshire-based children, it offers an opportunities to travel to London.

BPET competitions are hosted annually and, depending on the logistics of the specific event, they are occasionally split between our London and Berkshire hubs.

Themed competitions

Top of the Rocks: Timetables Rockstars Competition for Year 4 pupils. The competition helps children practising timestables, embedding maths knowledge and preparing them for the national Multiplications Table Check.

The Queen’s Gambit: Our very popular chess tournament which develops mathematical and concentration skills, resilience, cognitive function and patience. Facilitated by

Debate Competition: The debate competition develops the skills of rebuttal (respectful and polite listening followed by constructive counter argument), confidence (expressed in tone of voice and body language) and explanation (the reasoning about their point of view on the topic at hand). Facilitated by .

Poetry Recital Competition: Our poetry competition aims to celebrate the world of words and poetry, and the enjoyment of performing poetry to an audience. The competition encourages reading, exercising memory function and building confidence.

Sports Competitions

Invictus Games: Key Stage 2 pupils low in confidence or special needs can take part in our inclusive Invictus Games, which let children experience boccia, new age kurling, dangerball and archery. The games build confidence, let pupils feel part of a team, develop a love for sport and enjoy the overall experience where everyone is a winner.

Football Tournament: Boys and girls from Years 3-4 from all schools are invited to the football competitions (all boys tournament and all girls tournament).

Netball Stingers: Pupils from Years 5-6 play a fast pace netball game.

Rounders Tournament: for all pupils in Key Stage 2.

Each BPET school also enters their pupils in competitions organised by their own Local Authority (regional), or related to a specific sport (football, dodgeball) often reaching national levels.