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Green Schools Project

In order to drive our efforts towards sustainability in each school, we have created an Eco-Champion network with representatives from all schools. The groups are made up by volunteers staff and pupils who are tasked with creating local initiatives to raise awareness of green issues in their school communities.

To help our Eco Champions, we partnered with the in order to embed climate education into lessons and give teachers and young people the tools they need to tackle the climate crisis at school, in their communities and throughout their lives. One of our schools has even planted its own orchard!

The result is that we are now been challenged by own pupils on how much energy is used in their school and why (good critical thinking and observing!), and children can see and appreciate for themselves how consumption can be reduced when they change their behaviour thanks to our detailed monitoring.

In September 2023, Evendons Primary School was awarded the Eco School Green Flag. Read more about this and see images of the vegetables grown on their school grounds.

Above you can see the activities and impact of the Green Council at Watling Park School.