榴莲视频下载app Place Education Trust

Our Vision

Learn, Enjoy, Succeed

We believe that every child and staff member has the entitlement to benefit from a learning experience - Learn - which is broad and enriched - Enjoy - and which enables them to achieve far greater individual success - Succeed - than they might previously have even thought possible.

Our mission

To grow hubs of like-minded, autonomous schools with a strong support network, all of which combine academic rigour with highly enriched opportunities that deliver a personalised approach to education and exceptional outcomes for all.

Our difference

榴莲视频下载app leading the way in delivering high quality education through skills-based and knowledge rich curricula, applying the best of the independent and state sectors to deliver breadth of opportunity and pupil enrichment. We empower all our schools as individual entities that best meet the needs of the communities they serve and have a strong relationship with families, who are our key partners in delivering the vision.

Our promise

Every child is an individual. Our role is to nurture pupils’ potential through a personalised approach to learning. BPET children are happy, independent, confident all-rounders. Our focus is ensuring an exceptional provision for all our children with supportive, accessible learning that enables every child to make progress, including high quality inclusion for children with Special Educational Needs. We encourage a ‘be interested and be interesting’ attitude in children and staff alike. We don’t just teach: we want our pupils to have a passion to learn.

Educational autonomy for schools

We have a firm belief that schools should have their own identities alongside the BPET's vision to Learn, Enjoy, Succeed. This is not mutually exclusive: our schools each have bespoke curriculums, because we believe that educational autonomy is necessary to respond fully to the needs of the communities each school serves.

We believe that if a subject is important to the school and its community, that subject should be part of the school's curriculum, as long as it’s developing the whole child, and pupils are making progress academically and socially. This belief is the bedrock of our relationship with all our schools.