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Maintain, support, improve

As a trust, we are here not only to support our schools, but also to monitor and challenge educational standards.

To this end, we created the BPET School Improvement Strategy which sets out a structured cycle for school improvement over the academic year. Internal and external verifications ensure that the quality of education provision in the schools is high and that all schools are compliant in key areas.

By monitoring schools' progress and supporting each school in their improvement efforts, we ensure the delivery of the highest academic standards to all our pupils so that they can Learn, Enjoy and Succeed.

There are five formal visits to each school every year covering:

  • Visit 1: Early Years Foundation Stage baseline moderation
  • Visit 2: Curriculum and Leadership Review
  • Visit 3: Safeguarding Audit
  • Visit 4: Learning Review
  • Visit 5: Regulation & Compliance Audit
  • An additional one (Visit 6) is carried out ad hoc for schools requiring urgent support: Leadership and Management Review.

Visits are delivered by the Director of Education or the Executive Headteacher accompanied by external advisers who are expert in specific subjects. Observations from the visits ignite a cycle of improvement actions, which are regularly followed up and monitored during the academic year.

Schools also report their performance data centrally on a termly bases, and these are followed up with meetings and action plans drawn up with the Director of Education or the Executive Headteacher.

Support is also offered through literacy and numeracy consultants along with our Trust Champions, who drive standards and collaboration across the schools.

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